Footsteps through My JourneyBook

Day Eleven
July 11, 1997

. . . best understood while listening to
Pink Floyd's Learning to Fly from the album


Momentary Lapse of Reason



Friday evening, slightly after midnight I was awakened from the most wonderful dream or astral travel
your choice of reality frame . . .


I am literally flying.

My body has airspeed.

I can feel the wind.

I actually use it to manouver. I am giddy with the sensation of air beneath my wings. I try loop-de-loops and dives and steep banking turns.

. . . and what wakes me up (within the dream) is one last summersault - like a diving board dive with no water below :))

But, that's not the interesting part . . .


In my dream there all these people on the ground are shouting at me that





. . . and on and on . . . shouting . . . shouting . . . and then one of these people on the ground gives me a length of rope -- something like a clothesline. This will be my link back to this earth. Someone gives it to me just before I go.

Where am I going???

What I can put to paper/keyboard is that I am beyond space and time.

I can only give lukewarm descriptions of the incredible sensations and snips of my experience . . .


I am formless.
I am weightless.
I am everywhere simultaneously.
And yet I have sight.

I can see stars. I am a child playing in the stars. Like a child playing in the sand at the beach, I am playing beyond the universes.

This feeling is extraordinary, incredible, beyond verbal description --- gleeful, playful, but mostly just plain fun.

Just watch a child at the beach and you will know what I mean.

I pour stars out into the deep, deep blue. I collect them and stir them into galaxies. I mold them into unknown formations.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds,

-- this is great fun. Now I know why everyone was telling me not to go because I really do not want to come back to this teeny-tiny little planet of earth.



And why should I come back???


Why come back to ???


My answer?



The jewels of time.
The seconds we hold dear.

The smell of woodsmoke and the color of autumn leaves.

Running to meet the train and that someone you haven't seen for so long.

Dancing with my newborn son.

Skiing deep powder in Spring.

moments . . .



I come back to earth, to Saturday, to see the new movie Contact written by Dr. Carl Sagan and his SETI project.

In a final sequence in the movie, I see tiny bits and pieces of my dream spelled out on screen. I see the singing waters. I see Jody Foster as the protagonist reaching into the scenery making it shimmer.

I see the sand as the stars that I had stirred the night before.

Unfortunately, these movie sequences
are only a tepid representation of my dream
. . . but the timing and idea of travel beyond our universe is fascinating.

Leaving the theater, I look to the setting sun on the horizon sky and for a split/micro/nano/second I swear that I see a lightship just inside of cloud . . .
vapor trails of emptyness . . .

defintely a momentary lapse of reason . . .

On Sunday, I watch a jet leave a vapor trail in the sky.

I am floating in the pool watching the jet trail in the far, far distance as a cloud slowly covers the sun. The same cloud that I saw on the horizon the evening before. As I float in the water, I see a triangular rainbow . . a rainbow pyramid . . . Yes, I know all of the science behind a rainbow as water vapor/sunshine refraction . . .

But my mind knows instantly phase shift, time lapse, refractivity, speed . . . and something about vibrational speed of 5D that makes it visible to us in 3D and . . .

Stretched to the point of no turning back...


out of the corner of my wandering eye...

Just an earth bound misfit, I

It is not a hard process,
just an awkward one,
an uncomfortable one to begin with.
It will flow as you play.



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