Star Date 51793.4

30-second episode preview (MOV, 2Mb)
From VOY189
The Omega Directive

"I'm not in the habit of watching ST-Voyager," he says, "so I'm unfamiliar with this reference.

This *omega molecule* which you extrapolate into hyperspace sounds intriguing, but ... what is it?"


Star Trek Voyager script excerpts --- aired April 22, 1998
7 of 9 to Janeway
Omega is infinitely complex -- yet harmonious.
To the Borg it represents perfection.
I wish to understand that perfection.

Janeway (under her breath)
The Borg's Holy Grail


Janeway to Tom Paris
An unexpected secondary effect
There were subspace ruptures extending out several light years.

Tom Paris
Making it impossible to create a stable warp field.

Omega destroys subspace.
A chain reaction involving only a handful of molecules would destroy subspace as we know it.


7 of 9 to Janeway
A harmonic resonance chamber ...
The Borg designed it to contain and stabilize Omega.

Federation cosmologists had a theory that the molecule once existed in nature for an infinitesimal second. Some claimed Omega was the primal source of energy that began our universe.

7 of 9 (disdainfully)
A creation myth like any other.

What is it that the Borg say? That Omega is perfect?


7 of 9 to Chakotee
Particle zero, one, zero.
The Borg designation for Omega.
The Borg were instructed to assimilate it at all costs.
It is perfection.
The molecules exist in a flawless state.
Infinite parts functioning as one.

Like the Borg?

7 of 9
I am no longer Borg.
But I still need to understand that perfection.
Without it my existence will never be complete.
(Longer pause)
Commander, you are a spiritual man?

That's right.

7 of 9
If you had the chance to see your God, your Great Spirit....
What would you do?

I'd pursue it with all my heart.


Janeway (ordering 7 of 9)
Harmonic resonance to maximum.

7 of 9 (reading down)
.... 72%

The molecules are stabilizing!
I've done nothing.
It's occurring spontaneously!

Close-up of 7 looking into the chamber viewfinder.
(View of a multiple glass beads coming together to form a giant glass bead)

Star Date 51793.4

7 of 9 (in/on the holodeck)
This simulation contains many religious components.
I was studying them to help me understand what I saw.

Chances are it was simply a chaotic anomaly.

7 of 9
For 3.2 seconds I saw perfection.
When Omega stabilized, I felt a curious sensation.
As I was watching it....
It seemed to be watching me.
(Long pause)
(Reverse camera angle)
The Borg have assimilated many species
with many mythologies to explain such moments of clarity.
I've always dismissed them as trivial.
Perhaps I was wrong.
Play Game Six OMYNYX

If I didn't know better,
I'd say you had your first spiritual experience.

-end of script-
Excerpts are from the ST-Voyager script

... about a giant glass bead called an Omega Molecule


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