What is the Glass Bead Game?

Hesse, speaks of a Game of Thoughts
called the
Glass Bead Game
that he practiced while burning leaves in his garden.
As the ashes filter down through the grate, he says,

"I hear music and see men of the past and future.
I see wise men and poets and scholars and artists harmoniously building the hundred-gated Cathedral of Mind.


His personal experience defines the unio mystica of all the separate members of the Universitas Litterarum that he bodied out symbolically in the form of an elaborate Game performed according to the strictest rules and with supreme virtuosity by the mandarins of the spiritual province, Castalia.


and then I Dreamt of Castalia . . .

At a campus conference-like facility
Many important persons from business, arts, media, politics are gathered together

We are all here exchanging business cards and become lost in our own importance.
Soon we even lose sight of why we came in the first place.


Why did we come?

. . . the question resonates.


We came to build
the ultra blue indigo purple violet
Cathedral of Mind


THAT place where the color blue goes

That place where the background and foreground become one in our eyesight

That place beyond the visible light spectrum

That place where our 3D eyesight fails

That place is a a state of mind

That place is
. . . the Spiritual Province of Castalia