Three Voices




Communication One

Greetings Listers!
Another dream, another request.

Does anyone out there have a clue to what
could mean??
All responses appreciated.


Communication Two
In regards to your query

As Rumi states "First I appeared in the mineral realm; then, I entered the vegetable kingdom. I lived there a long time, forgetting what I had been. Then, I took the path to animal existence, remembering nothing of my plant life. Finally, I became human, forgetting everything."

AMNESIANA PUPAE is a state of forgetfulness or sleep that occurs before a transformation carries one to a new perceptual state of being. In the case of insects, the metamorphic process is egg, larva, pupae and adult. In the pupae stage, a sort of 'crystallization' forms around the 'sleeping' pupae and protects it during its period of gestation. To be free of the previous state, it must completely separate from its previous matrix. A form of physical transformation (death and rebirth) takes place.

One may say that when a human being is born, takes its first breath and is physically separated from its mother, it enters a total forgetfulness of its origins and begins to crystallize or weave a 'worldview' around it. However, if the learning function (enlightenment) emerges, one awakens and is able to make sense of or remember all that has happened before. One is transformed by this process.

Game Three | Part Two


Communication Three

How can we communicate?
That is my question.

I am standing surveying a situation.
Another entity approaches me.
With arms like wings I am enveloped.
Tactile Speech!

How to communicate? I hear.

You met with me, he/she says.
Then your thoughts,
Became my thoughts.
That is my nature.

I know that voice! I respond.
But I have such a small reference library for contact . . .
for tactile speech . . .
Who/what can we/they use for reference points?

Making Kennexions . . .
Can you find them?
Or is this just another *key*?
What do you think?
Use dreamspace or not - your choice of design
Send them along
But the final kennexions
are mine . . .

Glass BeaD emaG

Game Three Closed 1998

Please, just before going to sleep,
look up for a while at these bays and straits again, with all their stars, and
Don't reject the ideas or dreams that come to you from them.

Herman Hesse
Magister Ludi

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by Mars Lasar

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