Part Ten
Take a sock
and turn it inside out.

Is it still the same sock?
Now take a universe
and turn it inside out.

Is it still the same universe?

I am in the lobby of very, very large hotel. A luxurious resort hotel that has no distinguishing marks.

People running. People scurrying. I am trying to get to the front desk to get my key.

Could I have my key please? I request.

What is your room number? the clerk asks.

I don't remember, but I am on the 19th floor. I respond.

Nineteen Floor!
Well, that sure helps me a lot, he snaps back.
I'm very busy. I'll have to get back to you. Maybe you could recall your room number by that time.

But, wait, I .... my voice trails.

Another lady chimes in, You realize that the 19th floor is the entire 1900's.
Don't you?

I don't quite understand? The entire 1900's? I ask.

Yes, if you are on the 19th floor then you exist somewhere in the 1900's. That's quite a lot of rooms! she responds. And since it's only 27 months until the 2000's -- the MillenniuM, that makes it one of the fullest floors in this hotel. I feel sorry for that poor clerk. He's going to have to rummage through all those years, just to find yours! And after . . .

But I want a room not a year! What ARE you talking about? I interrupt her.

Well, this IS the Time HoTel or the HoTel Time whichever side of the equation you prefer. That's why you came here isn't it? she is exasperated.
You came here to travel to the different time floors. This hotel is a *time machine*. You use it to travel in time. How else can I explain it? It's very simple.

Travel in time? How can that be? I am very puzzled.

Why you outlanders are all alike!
You think that the universe is without bounds! What nonsense! she sniffs.
If I must, then I will spell it out for you, she sighs.
Take your universe and turn it inside out. Make time the function and what do you get? A place where time operates as space and space operates as time -- inside out.
You get a Time Hotel | letoH emiT.
The floors are the centuries and the rooms are the years. The space has become the time here. And please don't forget those dimensions . . .

Oh my!

I'll have to get back to you on this one . . .

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