Approaching Limit
Part Eleven
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Thread the beads.
Glass Beads on the thread of singularity of purpose.

Current events.
The deaths of two very prominent women
Mother Theresa and Princess of Wales Diana Spencer.
Two very different necklaces.
Two very similar, singular purposes --- both were mothers caring for children.
Two very amazing sets of glass beads.
The glass beads of human purpose strung on the thread of life.
Two people approaching the limit of life.

Yes, the Dimension of Life, please let's don't forget it . . .

Taken from a Catalogue:

m i n i m u m
taken to the max

It might appear little's required to create a singular necklace.
Merely a handful of sterling cubes and goldfill rounds, plus
one extra-special glass bead
for emphasis.
That, yes, plus loads and loads of design talent.
For when an expert craftsman groups these elements and strings them on a delicate sterling silver chain of tiny rectangular links,
they add up to a stunning bit of geometry far beyond basic.

Quantum Singularity?
thought adjuster
elan vital

But what about your dimension?
Your singular purpose?

no limits
take it to the limit
approach infinity
know directly
quinta essentia



Somehow we have taken on a thankless and unrewarding job. Convinced that it is up to us to be the founders of knowledge in the universe, we have felt obliged to assert our claims to knowledge, even when we know on a deeper level that they are unfounded. Not knowing directly we have felt compelled to guess and to pretend, fooling ourselves as well as others. Cut off from our embodiment in space and time, we have nonetheless apointed ourselves spokespersons for time and space and knowledge. Aware of our limitations, we have decided to insist on the small portion of knowledge that we can claim as our own, even if this means accepting as inevitable the endless not-knowing that surrounds it.

Yet these prodigious efforts are not needed.

The job we carry out exists only in our description of it. We do not need to speak of time and space speak for themselves. We do not have to proclaim our portion, because we are already inseparably related to the whole.

When we discover that this is so, a tremendous burden is lifted from our shoulders. We can stand up straight, stretch, and take a deep breath. With the very first step we take, we can let go of the knowledge that we possess and merge with a knowledge in ways that are concrete and specific, showing time, space, and knowledge in operation.

Laying down the burden of bystander knowledge, we lose nothing of value. 'MY' knowledge and positions form a part of the emerging whole, and so remain available. That is the beauty and freeedom of knowledge:

It rejects nothing and encompasses all manifestations.

Knowledge frees appearance from the claims of truth and transmits the beauty of the true. Whatever qualities manifest beautify knowledge; whoever acts with clairty is a bearer of knowledge. Although we act on the basis of our limitations; although we make false interpretations and enact a restricted understanding, knowledge continues to be available. We can turn away from knowledge, but we cannot injure or confine it.
The limits on our own comprehension are not limits on universal knowledgeability.

-- dyanmics of time and space (177-178)
Tarthang Tulku (1994)

But what about your dimension?
Your singular purpose?

no limits
take it to the limit
approach infinity
know directly
quinta essentia

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