Please, just before going to sleep,
look up for a while at these bays and straits again, with all their stars, and
don't reject the ideas or dreams that come to you from them.

Herman Hesse
Magister Ludi

Ordering a universe?
Well, I'm glad you found your floor, the lady from the Time HoteL says.



a utensil consisting of a frame with wire mesh
used for sorting solid or coarse matter
(which is retained in it)
from liquid or fine matter
(which passes through)

no limits
take it to the limit
taken to infinity
quinta essentia

I am on the first floor of an academic type institute.
A nondescript classroom setting - desks, tables, chairs, blackboards, miscellaneous student/teacher items.

The question remains:
But what about your dimension?
Your singular purpose?

Ask for that code . . .
Do you know how rare it is?
How rare it is to have an original thought in this or any other universe?

Background Soundtrack:
sounds of traffic
engines revving
cars on pavement
horns in the distance
a person walking . . .


My notes . . . Damn!
I left my notes in my tote bag on the back of that chair.
Mind like a sieve, I mumble to myself.
It is very hard to hold onto these dual memories.
They fade so fast!
And withouth my notes . . . I am lost.

Notes on what? she asks.

My transport notes, I reply.
Why use the point-to-point beam transporter -- that outdated design?
I would use the doorway design. It looks just like this.
I point to the doorway ahead of me.
Look, a doorway is a much more useful methodology.
You walk through it and you are on the other floor.

I walk through the doorway -- chatting away . . .
I am stunned.
-- I am on another floor.


Wait a minute, I mumble to myself.

I turn and walk back through the same doorway.

Double WOW!
I am totally flabbergasted -- astonished.
What happened to the first floor?
Where did it go?
My reality has changed.
GONE is the person I had just spoken to.
In its place are people I know, but have not seen for a long time.
I spot my Curriculum Vitae -- my resume -- on a cafeteria folding type table which was not there before.

Read it to me please, I ask.
My CV, read it to me please.
She thinks this request makes me very vain.
But how can I explain to her that I am not me and yet I am me.

She is reading . . .yadda, yadda, yadda, normal stuff
But what stands out? . . .
Triple Ph.D.s
a Ph.D in physics
a Ph.D in medicine
and most curious a Ph.D in *tracto*biology

She reads on . . .
Accomplishments and awards:
Responsible for faster than light travel
Responsible for first successful test of travel beyond the solar system and return

Triple WOW!

My mind is boggling . . .
The first successful test of travel beyond the solar system and return . . .
Yes, I CAN see the equations in front of me.
The math, the numbers . . .
But to me (the me/me -- this me -- the me writing this)
they seem like hieroglyphics

. . . the hieroglyphs are equations in time . . .
Perfect sense!

And then its gone - my notes where are my notes?
It is very, very hard to hold onto these dual memories.

From perfect sense
To no-sense
To nonsense
My reality is breaking down
My logic kicks in
I have no math system to support these equations!
I am flatlanded.
An outlander again.
Back to the HoteL.

Hold the two perspectives.
I ask, But what about my children?

With 3 Ph.D.s?
Have time for children? she snorts and laughs and laughs.

OK, OK, so what is this *tracto*biology? I ask. What exactly is that?

She responds as if to a test question, Tractobiology is the movement of the body through time warps also known as time tunnels in the universe.


Another wave of emotion hits me.
With it comes the realization wave of an alternate reality.
The emotions wash over me.
The emotions are overwhelming.
Those emotions?
Puzzlement of how I could know and simultaneously not know the same thing in the span of the same moment.
I can't.
The double negative.
I don't exist.
The dizzy double negative hall of mirrors - infinity.
The fear returns again . . .
My amulet pulls me out.
My affirmations are my cues to withdraw and wake up.

So where was I?
I remember a few things
In one universe I have children.
In an alternate reality I only have Ph.D.s.
MY singularity of purpose
has changed/was different between universes -- an alternate reality experienced.

The evidence is knowledge.
The knowledge is the evidence.

But proof?
I was given these names as proofs to take back to my reality . . .

These terms exist as evidence of a discipline that only exists in that alternate reality:
Cytoplasmic reality
1) the reality envelope that the singular organism uses/needs to maintain mental health and life beyond its own universe
2) without this reality the organism could not *function* and madness develops -- i.e. mental health disintegrates and the emotions would crush the tender psyche/ego.

the study of the movement of living organisms through time and alternate universes

1) a medical compound
2) residual physical evidence from an alternate dimension

Frame of necessity
most realities are *walled off* by necessity
a few *connective realities* exist
this is one such experiment

. . . mind like a sieve
molecular sieve
thought sieve
reality sieve
mind sieve

mind sieve = gedanken experiments

So that's what Einstein meant by that!
Now, I know directly.

I found the source of his equations!
I found the doorway to an alternate universe.

Now all I need is a Ph.D. in math to state those equations . . . mumble, mumble, mumble . . . mapping out my head on the internet

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