How can we see this?

The question comes to mind:
How would an object having a fourth spatial axis appear, and if so, how can we percieve such a thing?


painting info contact: The abstraction of an object in such a way is beyond the scope of our physical three dimensional perceptions. It can be said that if I see two dimensional space with one eye, and three dimensional space with two eyes; I would need three eyes to perceive four dimensional hyperspace.

To "see" hyperspace (hyperseeing) determines my ability to create an addition to my limited senses. Therefore, the idea of Hyperspace implies extending space through the "third eye" of the imagination.


It is possible that we actually live within hyperspace
but are unable to perceive it due to the limitation of perceived space -- like colors such as ultraviolet which are invisible to us, (solely because our eyes are so constructed as to be unable to perceive them), hyperspace is also unseen.




Don't reject the ideas or dreams
that come to you from these stars.

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