Creating the AH-HaH Moment


The Asteroid Connection

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Steve who is a postdoctoral astrophysicist with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, working in the Solar and Stellar Physics Division writes

I was curious if Hesse was a factor in the choice of the name *Castalia* for the asteroid, but I'm afraid not. The following seems to be the "official" description of the name as chosen for the asteroid:
Castalia was the name of a nymph pursued by Apollo. Fleeing his attention, she dived into the earth, whence a spring burst forth and was given her name. The mythical spring, on Mount Parnassus at Delphi, was the site of the most important oracle to ancient Greece.

Castalia was sacred to the muses and was considered a divine source of poetic inspiration.

The name also refers to a genus of aquatic plants of the water-lily family, distinguished by rounded, floating leaves and large fragrant flowers of various colors.

Now, the Castalian spring and oracle is nothing to sneeze at. One of these days we should think more about Hesse's choice of this particular term for his Pedagogic Province. I'm sure it's been thought about by Hesse scholars

Does anyone have more information?


"That's the whole idea of collaboration," says Yo Yo Ma.

As much as you strive to reach some degree of height, you know that you may sink. Ultimately we are dealing with the idea of trust between people....



A Personal Ah-HAH Moment
Castalia is not a place,
but a state of mind inhabited by the muses.

Last night I watched while the
(that's the asteroid connection)
that is while I watched Yo Yo Ma on television
I played in Castalia!


My rendition of The Glass Bead Game is still evolving, but to understand my GBG . . .
VISUALIZE a pyramid with four lines as the base square or four HTML links forming a base of understanding.
Creating the AH-HaH Moment
Then visualize the top of the pyramid as the point of comprehension - the Ah-Hah moment when everything clicks in your mind.
The point where/when you get it.

Your mind's eye into another dimension.

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To play Game Five you need to submit five links.

Following are five links I chose for the First Set of in Game Five - Quinta Essentia, Quintessence.


Muses, in mythology, nine goddesses regarded as patrons of the arts and sciences.

Muses, in Greek mythology, nine goddesses and daughters of the god Zeus and of Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory.

The Muses presided over the arts and sciences and were believed to inspire all artists, especially poets, philosophers, and musicians. Calliope was the muse of epic poetry, Clio of history, Euterpe of lyric poetry, Melpomene of tragedy, Terpsichore of choral songs and the dance, Erato of love poetry, Polyhymnia of sacred poetry, Urania of astronomy, and Thalia of comedy.


Bach's Fifth Suite for Cello performed by Yo Yo Ma
PBS special viewed on late night television
Bach Suite 5: Struggle for Hope
March 6 and 12 at 12:30
Kabuki artist Tamasaburo Bando and Yo-Yo Ma merge talents to create a performance complementing Bach's Fifth Suite for Solo Cello. Directed by Niv Fichman, 1996, video, 60 minutes.


Muse of the DANCE

But schedules don't have artistic temperaments. Kabuki superstars do. As the central character of the sycophantic world of kabuki, Tamasaburo was not accustomed to playing second fiddle. His own directorial debut was set to commence the very day after the shoot, and he had more than a few ideas he wished to share on the subject of film-making. "Tamasaburo was used to shaping his own work," says Fichman. "He felt that it was spinning out of control with the deadlines for shooting, and he wanted his creative input." The stand-off resulted in a stand-down and Ma had his collaborative struggle--though perhaps not in the form he envisioned.


Muse of POETRY
Renga + Haiku

The Web provides an excellent vehicle for the composition of renga. A wide community of poets can **come together as one voice** to REFLECT on a given subject. Several sites promote interactive poetry; we resisted the impulse until we had built an appropriate foundation for interaction . . .


"Distilled Essence" said Tamasburo
Quinta Essentia

"That was quite a eureka moment," says director Fichman. "As a documentary film maker you seldom get to see the inner workings of the mind like that, because no one particularly enjoys showing themselves struggling."


Ma listened enraptured until, suddenly, he reached into his pocket and produced a full collector's set of Tamasaburo telephone cards.

"Just look at these," he blurted.
"You're a huge ***star*** here. You're bigger than Madonna."
Tamasaburo let out a howl and playfully lunged for the cards . . .

Final Step
Name the moment . . .

But perhaps the crowning moment of the performance came during the Gavotte, when Tamasaburo tenderly lifted the cello from Ma, fading to a haze behind a screen, prizing his treasure.

"That was goosebump material," says Ma. "It was a very spiritual moment. By taking away the instrument--which is my voice--he established contact with that part of me."

Hope this answers some questions....