Three Voices


Lux Applicana

Communication One

Greetings Listers!
Last night I dreamed the the phrase
Does anyone out there have a clue to what could mean??

All responses appreciated.


Communication Two

Only by APPLYING WHAT I KNOW can I come to a UNDERSTANDING of the meaning of the phrase LUX APPLICANA. Basically, one who is an applicant for the light (truth) is in a stage of preparation and needs to STOP assuming things and START arriving at certainties. SEEING IS BELIEVING.


One was always borrowing his neighbors donkey. Finally, the owner resolved not to lend it out anymore and when the neighbor came to borrow it again, denied him.

The neighbor questioned, "WHY?"

The owner told him, "Because I have already lent it out."

At that moment the donkey brayed in the barn, both of them hearing it.

"But I can hear the donkey in the barn," the neighbor said.

To which the owner replied, "Well, who do YOU believe, ME or the DONKEY?"


Communication Three

This afternoon, about onethirty, I was experiencing many versions of what light can do and the forms that it can make.. some beautiful and spiritual, some ghoulish and scarey.

As I was leaving this state to run some errands, the phrase Focus on the Light (meaning not on the forms) popped into my head and became the kind of insight or message of the day.

Upon returning from my errands, I checked my mail . LUX APPLICANA is bad latin for devoting oneself to the light, or guiding by the light.

I guess
Focus on the light might be its meaning.


Game Three | Part One

On his third solo album, Mars offers a fantasia of visual music. Drawing upon his vast experience with the Fairlight synthesizer, Mars has blended his trademark dynamic sounds with subtly mysterious effects and softer rhythms to create a labyrinth for the mind and heart.

So appropriately titled, this album offers a true escape
into the unfettered realm of the imagination.


1. Inner Sanctum 5:01
2. Astronomer 5:12
3. Sensuality 4:21
4. Moonlight Cave 4:50
5. Waves 4:53
6. The Blessing 4:36
7. Escape 3:48
8. At One with You 4:59
9. Walkabout 4:49
10. The Anniversary 4:34
11. Accelerator 2:53
12. Amy's Lullaby II 4:21
13. Unity 4:54
Total Time 59:45


LVX: the Latin word for "light."

In the Second Order of the Golden Dawn it implies "the Light of the Cross,"
since the letters L, V, and X are all portions of one type or another of the cross.

These letters are attributed to primary Egyptian gods and to certain grade signs as follows: L = Isis Mourning; V = Apophis and Typhon; and X = Osiris Risen. Along with the sign of Osiris slain, they present the cycles of life, death, and rebirth inherent in the seasons-the Equinoxes and the Solstices.

Making Kennexions . . .
Can you find them?
Or is this just another *key*?
What do you think?
Use dreamspace or not - your choice of design
Send them along
But the final kennexions
are mine . . .

Glass BeaD emaG

Game Three Closed 1998

Please, just before going to sleep,
look up for a while at these bays and straits again, with all their stars, and
Don't reject the ideas or dreams that come to you from them.

Herman Hesse
Magister Ludi

  Background music is
by Mars Lasar

  Game Three | Part Two



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