Review and Summation
A Game Analysis

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There are those who:

Make things happen.
Let things happen.
Wonder, what happened?

For those of you who like to put things into nutshells, I will summarize and put into perspective the Archival Game PROFOUND PROPORTIONS (of which reverberations are still continuing). This is my 'thumbnail' sketch.

Summarizing thusly,
Charles cracked opened the door with a juxtaposition of sun and moon

I am one which transforms into two.

we will note this as:


Charles then abstracted four essential links and we began the determining of relations between them.

a : b :: c : d

We termed the linking of the 4, a discontinuous proportion of 4 terms (thinking). This began a movement toward causal singularity (the revealing of the latent)

a : b :: b : c

First, by involving the perceiver in the PASSIVE role of perceiving and relating the inner and outer worlds. This we termed a continuous proportion of three terms.

(1) a : b :: b : (a + b )
(2) a : b :: b : 1

The next stage involved an even more precise relation by creating the proportion PHI which allowed the perceiver a more ACTIVE role in determining reality. At this stage there are two paths to follow, that of a diverging indeterminism which allows for an objective evolution within an expansion; or a converging determinism which allows for a subjective evolution, a further reduction (contraction or densification) toward a causal singularity.

Which is your road not taken?

Dimension One

a + a**2 = 1

After taking it down as far as we could and upon arriving at singularity, it was determined that the only value that could fulfill the final step to the causal singularity was irrationality, a REAL value.

a sacrifice
I am two which transforms into four

we see this as:
Dimension Two

surface 2**2 = 4

h and f
Its like comparing and contrasting apples and oranges. Once we have achieved our PHIlosophers stone we then set out into the world to APPLY what we have learned.

Now begins a linking of knowledge with experience and the creating of context and understanding. The door has been opened wider. The externalizing of your own MYTH and the communicating of that understanding, utilizes language and metaphor in a NEW way to bridge the gap between direct knowing and indirect thinking.

You won't reach Phoenix,
because you're on the road to Philadelphia.

We do seek definition and clarification within the range of possibilities but we also seek a unification. This is the 'rallying of our knowledge and perception'. The utilization of metaphor allows the seeing of relations, parallelisms, equivalences and inferences (shadows) to create the algorithms that can get things done for us. Metaphor allows us to think of the unthinkable things like reiteration and recursion. We now have direction in depth.

I am four which transforms into eight

we understand this to be:
Dimension Three

volume, 2**3 = 8

f, h, k, and Listers (both present and absent)

We have moved from contrasting apples and oranges in a two dimensional thought world to a three dimensional realm of movement and process, utilizing language and metaphor to communicate these phenomenon. Gesture and movement now have meaning for us. (REALITY)

I think in two dimensions
And I watch my fear grow tall
And when I am threatened
I retaliate

I climb my expectations
Higher than a redwood tree
Though lightning finds
The tall ones

Kevin Brown (a friend) writes:

Now, with a reconcilation of Science and Art, Science and Religion we can again unify and expand on things.

The musical scale and color specturm can again be used as tools of evolutionary tonal development. As a root note is sounded, it begins an evolution up (or down) a primary scale (ladder). It has two pitfalls, in that for the root to complete its evolution within its own octave (its own development), at each stage it must pass through two doors to complete its current development.

First there is a mountain,
then there is no mountain,
then there is.

We can call these half steps, a change in pace or the breaking of habit. This helps keep something from turning on itself and allows for an orderly progression into its next domain. Every process follows this pattern from inception (inital sounding) to completion. (wrapping it up).

After all of this I am one.


An ancient and valuable fragile Chinese vase had been found by the villagers. There was an argument in the teahouse as to its exact capacity. During the wrangling, the Mulla entered. The people appealed to him for a ruling.

Simple, said Nasrudin. Bring the vase here, together with some sand.
He had the vase filled with layer after layer of fine sand, packing it down with a mallet. Ultimately it burst.

There you are, he turned to the company triumphantly, the maximum capacity has been reached. All you have to do NOW is to remove one grain of sand, and you will have the precise amount needed to fill a container such as THIS.


Have faith,
it's not far away


  THE Men in Black have arrived!





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