r o u g h c u t
r o u g h c u t

New Game Theory

What is the opposite of "cascade failure?" I ask.

Spontaneous self-organization, you reply.
Oddly enough, it is often out of cascade failure that systems of organization spontaneously form themselves . . .

. . . order out of chaos
order out of chaos
order out of chaos . . .


The evolution of the Quinta Essentia into the four elements may thus be described as follows:
The original form of the Tetrahedron is created out of the primordial chaos by being the simplest and most stable form.

It combines in various ways with itself, either by moving and mixing, forming the Dodecahedron and Fire, or by linking together and building the Icosahedron and primordial Water. However, while both polyhedrons are close to being perfect spheres, they don't fit together. These imperfect interactions between the growing numbers of polyhedrons force them to order themselves according to cubical symmetries, and Earth and Air are formed.

As we will see, this fits with some results within group theory . . . .


just before going to sleep,
look up for a while
at these bays and straits again,
with all their

Don't reject the ideas or dreams that come to you from them.

Herman Hesse | Magister Ludi


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