r o u g h c u t 2
r o u g h c u t 2

"Poker, Mr. Spock, NOT chess, Poker"

30-second episode preview (MOV, 2Mb)
From VOY189
The Omega Directive


This is Dreamspace

Background: I am sitting at a table with 3 other ladies.
Shuffling papers and a booklet.
The booklet is a script.
A script for the Glass Bead Game.
We are in rehearsal.
We sit at a table - a gaming table - a card table - a poker table.
We begin to read.
I do not have a script.



(Establishing longshot)
Pardon me, I must have misplaced my script, I mutter.

The lady on my left asks, How do you expect to read, if you don't have a script?

I reply, The hardest part of any play for me has always been memorizing the lines.

I then suggest, Let me have your script so I can make a copy of the play for myself.
I take the *play* booklet and start backstage towards the copy machine.

A plethora of dancers stands in my way.
Gentlemen in highwaisted slacks and silk shirts.
Looks like a cattle call for Antonio Banderas look-alikes! I think chuckling to myself, A veritable Greek chorus!

This chorus line of dancers stands in the wings between the curtains.
I jostle and gently shove my way, but these guys are all around me.
At this rate I'll never get to the copy machine, I think.

(Reverse angle)
Four, five, a handful of the dancers breaks off and muscles their way to the copy machine in front of me.
We were first in line, the chorus says in unison.

I object and elbow my way back to the front of the line to copy the script.
But my script?
My script is GONE!


(Extreme closeup, pan out and back to longshot)
In place of the script,
I have a necklace and I am no longer dressed in rehearsal clothes.
I am dressed in stage costume - a long evening gown - purple, magenta,
plum colors - velvet textures - satin slippers

(Extreme closeup)
I touch the beads.
They feel unlike any I have ever held.
They match the luxuriousness and curious color of my clothing.
I try to identify them.
I don't recognize the beads on this necklace.
They are beautiful.
They are hypnotizing.
I am hypnotized.



Is this all right? it asks.

No, I say, I am missing a ring.
And I point to my hand.
An ivory cameo on black onyx background appears.
Yes, that's it! I say. A perfect match to the necklace.
But the necklace is neither ivory nor onyx.
Neither black nor white.
I hold up a strand and stare intently into one of the beads.

And then
A most amazing thing happens.
I am being drawn into the interior of the bead.
Something is happening inside the bead.

(Extreme closeup)
I stare ever closer.
Something is in that bead.
Something is moving.
Something like the play.
Some sort of play is going on inside the bead.
I chuckle, A teeny-tiny round television set.

One moment I am on the outside looking in.
The next moment I am on the inside looking out.


(Scene change)

You are late!

Late for what? I ask.
I am handed something.
I am now dressed in an ivory colored silk gown with a long train.
I pickup the cloth train with my hand and scurry in the direction I am being pushed.

Hurry! the voice says.

OK, I say,
But where am I going?
What am I doing?
I look around me.
I am in a department store with escalators, elevators, merchandise, show windows....

That window there, it says.

Someone pushes me in the direction of a store window.
I stumble slightly and mutter about my strange new sandals.

Then, I eye another gentlemen who is equally as baffled as I am.
Looks like WE are the mannequins for that window, I say to him.

And then the moment.


Now I understand!
The smallest type of stage play.
The glass window at the department store.
The pose.
Strike the pose for a few moments and then strike another pose.
The smallest Glass Bead Game....
Yes, that IS the smallest glass bead game.


So what happenedto the script?

Play A Glass Bead Game
Can you make the move between the lower and higher dimensions?

Are you ready to experience Omega?
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