Please, just before going to sleep,
look up for a while at these bays and straits again, with all their stars, and
don't reject the ideas or dreams that come to you from them.

Herman Hesse
Magister Ludi

What if you could buy a train ticket to Castalia?

In a dream, Friday last, I ran to catch a plane for Rome, Italy.
The gatekeeper told me that I had missed the last train to Castalia.

He said, "The train for Castalia left at 2 and 17."

I told him, "But I want the plane for Rome, Italy."

He said, "Catch the next train for Castalia tomorrow. It leaves at the same time.  Everyday . . . "

Catch the train for Castalia
Close your eyes
Breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe in
For the highest good
Breathe out
I am opening my mind
Breathe in
I am opening my heart
Breathe out
The blue/white light protects me
Breathe in
May the lifeforce be with me
Breathe out

Yes, Luke, the force be with you.....
the movies.....
What are the movies, but worlds complete unto themselves?
David Bowman, "It all makes sense to me now"
These are claims unlike any that you may have heard
These AUDACIOUS CLAIMS I am going to make

Breathe in
Breathe out
Travel the distance
Breathe in
Travel from your old comfortable self
Breathe out
Travel to your new creative self
Breathe in
Travel to Castalia
Breathe out

Travel to where?
Travel to Castalia?
If you keep your mind open
If you keep your heart open
Then you CAN travel to Castalia
Castalia is a state of mind
Travel in timespace
Travel in cyberspace
Travel in 5space
Approach the jewels of time
Approach the land of the glassbeads
The train leaves at 2 and 17

Breathe in
Breathe out
Take along the visual of an object of your timespace
Breathe in
Take along this amulet so you can find your way back
Breathe out
Let your amulet be your time beacon
Breathe in
Your beacon will bring you home
Breathe out

The movies are worlds created unto themselves
The movies harbor a glimmer of the created self
The land of the self-created-self
That gift of creating, creation, creativity
"A creation myth, like any other," she said

Somewhere in Time
The movie
A penny
A penny with the date brings back Christopher Reeves
A penny becomes his beacon
Because the land of Castalia is bewitching
Cast the spell
Cast all away
And you will meander the waves of timespace forever

Breathe in
Move beyond the level of Forms
Breathe out
Breathe in
Move beyond the level of Experience
Breathe out
Breathe in
Move beyond the level of Flow
Breathe out
Breathe in
Move onto the level of Myth
Breathe out

You are in touch with the Now Moment
You are in touch with Cosmic Mind
You are at the gate of timespace
You will play the glass beads as a creator
Ask the gatekeeper for the ticket at 2 and 17
Ask the gatekeeper for a ticket to Castalia

You are ready?

To play the game in cyberspace
in timespace
in dreamspace
in 5SPACE ....

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